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Innopeda® Educational Visit

Experience the Finnish style education from early to higher education

Get to know the Finnish success drivers

The educational visit aims to connect the participants with the Nordic educational atmosphere and gives an overview of the Finnish education from early to higher education.

Furthermore, the participants will learn about the innovation pedagogy framework and participate in workshops and discussions led by Turku UAS experts. The experience familiarizes participants with new, active ways of teaching and learning.

The visit covers the background of the Finnish welfare society and education, changes in future education and a pedagogical mindset.

We will also dive into innovation pedagogy as a strategy, discuss the innovation competencies, on-site and online learning environments and change in educational management aiming at a sustainable future.

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Public and private educational institutions at all levels of education

  • Education professionals from all different levels of education

The venue is the new EduCity campus in Turku, Finland.

  • According to the customized program the training also includes a visit to two (2) schools/institutions according to the customers’ requirements.

As a result, the participants are expected to have a better understanding of

  • the Finnish educational culture
  • new learning environments
  • innovation pedagogy
  • the Nordic lifestyle

Educational visit is a step ahead to becoming a certified Innopeda teacher or a manager

Check out the Edutour programme example!

  • The visit lasts 5 working days
  • The visit can be organized during academic year


  • Innopeda® Educational Visit

Group: Up to 20 participants
Starting Price: 15.000 € (0%VAT) for a group of 10 people
Please note: Price to be revised if group size increases.

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