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More than a set of teaching methods

What will the learner of the future look like? How should they be taught? What should they be taught? What are the expectations of the various businesses and industries when they hire a young professional?


We at Turku UAS have been thinking about these questions for years and have systematically developed our activities. The result is a pedagogical approach, Innopeda®, which is used at our Campuses in Turku, Finland on a daily basis.

The last few years have shown that the world can change in an instant. Who would have thought that we are stuck at home for more than two years all over the world? Yet we managed.

We adjusted, we changed, we fought, we learned. We are human and we are resilient.

Competences are a complex equation combining professional skills and generic competences. Innopeda® takes both into account as learning is transformed into meaningful action.

It is fair to say, that Innopeda helped us too while struggling with Covid-19 and it will also help us in the future be it face to face or online.


Susanna Saari

By Susanna Saari, Senior Lecturer and Head of Innopeda Training Center


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