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Innopeda® Certified School

Wide-scale reform with Finnish education expertise and quality assurance

Open an Innopeda® Certified School

Our mission is to educate qualified and skilled innovation pedagogy experts all around the world.

To be accredited as an Innopeda® Certified School, the educational institution will meet the high standards of the Innopeda® Development Plan (IDP).

The guidelines are adapted to the local context and the Innopeda® pedagogical strategy will be integrated into all operations of the educational institution.

The certified institutions have a deep understanding of new teaching and learning cultures, the digitalized learning environment and they know how to promote sustainable development in all their actions.

By the end of the process, all Innopeda® Certified Schools will have a pedagogical strategy and learning solutions inspired by Finland.

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The certification process

The certification follows the Standards and Guidelines for Innopeda®. The high-quality SIQA process is adopted from the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

SIQA is a tool for teachers and educational institutions to evaluate their processes, implement the approaches of innovation pedagogy and design a development process to ensure the quality and development of innovation pedagogy.

The process covers these steps:

  • Guideline for Innopeda® Quality Assurance
  • Design and approval of Programmes
  • Student-centred Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  • Learner Admission, Progression, Recognition and Certification
  • Teaching staff
  • Learning Resources and Learner Support
  • Information management
  • Public Information
  • On-going monitoring and periodic review of programmes
  • External Quality Assurance of Innopeda® Institutions by Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS)


Group pf people with Innopeda Certificates

Public and private educational institutions at all levels of education.

Innopeda® Development Plan (IDP) Process has the following purposes:

  1. It creates a roadmap for the institution to implement Innopeda® as a pedagogical strategy
  2. It provides the institution a basis for the audit through implementation of the actions listed in the development plan
  3. It provides the institution an opportunity to follow the SIQA framework for quality assurance in implementing Innopeda®

Innopeda® Certified Institution

The certification follows the successful completion of the following steps:

  1. Innopeda® Educational visit in Finland
  2. Innopeda® for Managers
  3. Innopeda® for Teachers
  4. Innopeda® Development Process
  5. SIQA Audit

  • The process can take up to 2 years
  • Price: Starting from 65.000 euros

Innopeda® Certified School

Each Innopeda® Certified School process is tailored to your needs.

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