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The Community that Created Innopeda®

Turku University of Applied Scinces (TUAS) is an inspiring community of 10,000 members – an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland.

Our graduates are practice-oriented professionals with top competencies.

Research, development and innovation activities at TUAS

In the field of applied research, Turku University of Applied Sciences represents the top tier in the country. TUAS' research, development and innovation (RDI) activities combine the creative and innovative ideas of students, the teachers’ expertise and the experience of project professionals.

TUAS coordinates or acts as a partner in over 200 RDI projects yearly.

Studies at TUAS

TUAS offers education in four fields of study and altogether in over 70 degree programmes, both Bachelor and Master studies. You can also update your knowledge and skills at TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences.

Studies at TUAS are working life oriented, combining theoretical studies with professional skills.

Working life collaboration at TUAS

As a multidisciplinary community of 10 000 experts, TUAS thrives in attributing to the success of our partners and working life.

We provide high quality and flexible training and consulting services for both individuals and organizations in the public and private sector. TUAS also has a strong track record in student cooperation that enables organizations to get a fresh perspective and new ideas on their way of doing. Meanwhile future talents get the valuable opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in practice.

Turku – old town but pretty funky

Founded in 1229 and a perfect mixture of old and new, Turku is the (b)oldest city in Finland.
It is conveniently located on the South West coast, surrounded by an incredibly beautiful archipelago. Turku is of an ideal size, everything you need and more, and still small enough to go around almost everywhere by foot or by bike.

A vibrant cultural scene, a variety of outdoor recreation possibilities and an active student community powered by six higher education institutions make Turku an attractive location also for skilled professionals.

(B)oldest City in Finland

Turku is a great place to live, work, study, have hobbies, enjoy a good time and feast on amazing food.

Fascinating Turku

"How do you recognise a medieval European town? Some say it is the riverfront, the market square, the castle and the cathedral. That sounds familiar – in fact, that sounds like Turku!"

Student-friendly City

A great portion of Turku residents are students: every fourth person is either student or professional in higher education institute.