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Innopeda® collaboration with ISO Colégio e Cursos

The private comprehensive school in Brazil, ISO Colégio e Cursos, is training its teachers and administrative staff in the new approach to learning and renews its learning environment.

After the completion of the two-year project, the school will receive an Innopeda® school status.

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Innopeda® collaboration with the University of Caxias do Sul

In the University of Caxias do Sul, innovation pedagogy has been applied in entrepreneurship studies and design studies. They have also evaluated the innovation competences, and the common opinion is that the fresh approach really does enhance useful skills and competences.

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Successful stories
  • Innopeda® Training and Innopeda certified School at ISO Colégio e Cursos in Brazil, Paraiba
  • Innopeda® Training for Brazilian higher education institutions
  • Innopeda® Training for Indonesian higher education institution
  • Mentor training in active teaching and learning methods in Indonesia 2015—2018
  • Innopeda® Train the Trainer training at Nestle, Finland
  • Innopeda® Train the Trainer training at Wärtsilä, Finland
  • Two year development process to implement innovation pedagogy in practice at university of Gdansk


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