From initial confusion to inspiration – learning working life skills

Like jumping in at the deep end. That may be how participants of the project hatchery course at Turku University of Applied Sciences feel in their first semester. Students Aino Virtanen and Iina......

The first free Innopeda webinar attract participants from all over the world

The first ever free Innopeda webinar was held on 2nd of April 2020. This was organized  by TUAS and lead by the Innopeda trainers Marjo Joshi and Minna Scheinin. Our Rector Vesa Taatila actively......

Spring 2020 – we proudly present innovation pedagogy webinars

Now it is time to look closer at cutting edge Finland well-known higher education in our brand new Innopeda Webinar Serie. The first webinar is a orientation to innovation pedagogy and we warmly......

Innopeda in Action @TUAS

We want to do as we teach.

Studies at TUAS are working life-oriented, combining theoretical studies with professional skills.

Doing real-life projects and collaborating with real customers activates our students to adopt the role of an independent actor in their studies.

TUAS Students collaborate every year with Ruisrock, one of the biggest summer festivals in Finland. Photo: Otso Kähönen | Ruisrock 2019

Learning environments

At BusinessAcademy learning takes place together in a team.

Students work as entrepreneurs in their own cooperative and at the same time, develop their own business.


Circular economy 2.0 is a project learning environment and it operates under the Circular Business Models research group of TUAS.

The students work in small groups often under a student managing director, supported by mentors from the research group.


TheFIRMA learning environment operates like a real company by having real customer projects.

TheFIRMA employ over 100 students in over 50 varying projects, including web development, quality specification, testing, and graphical design.