INNOPEDA® Assessment 

Future professionals must have, alongside with the study field specific competences, innovation competences – the ability to participate into innovation processes. Assessment is one of the most effective methods to guide teaching and learning activities. Assessment should be versatile and support competence development, as well as strengthen student’s self-knowledge and self-guidance.

Turku University of Applied Sciences has been successfully doing long-term research and development work with European companies and universities in identifying and assessing innovation competences needed in today’s working life.

The objective of this Innopeda(r) training is to give participants a new way of assessing innovation competences by utilising FINCODA Innovation Barometer Assessment Tool. The training includes study materials, development task and team-based activities.

Target group: teachers and managers in education, education planners, RDI personnel, or those interested in implementing Innopeda® in their organisation

1. Introduction to different methods of assessment
2. Introduction to innovation competences
3. Introduction to the assessment tool
4. Assessing innovation competences
5. Implementing the new way of assessment in the organisation

Price: Contact us for more details

Venue: At TUAS or premises of the participating organisation

Trainers: The trainer is an innovation pedagogy expert at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Certification: Innopeda® in Assessment

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