Future professionals must have, alongside with the study field specific competences, innovation competences – the ability to participate into innovation processes. If we want to train innovative professionals, we must have methods and tools to assess their competences.

Assessment is one of the most effective methods to guide teaching and learning activities. Assessment should be versatile and support competence development, as well as strengthen student’s self-knowledge and self-guidance. But how to assess students’ innovation competences?

How to embed competence assessment in curriculum, at degree level and course level? What kind of challenges are related to behavioral assessment and how to develop traditional assessment practices? How innovation competence barometer could be applied in own educational organization?

INNOPEDA® Support and guidance for assessment -training brings solutions for these questions. All the trainings are tailored based on the deeds of client. They could be short-term trainings or long-term development projects.


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Turku University of Applied Sciences has been successfully done long-term research and development work with European companies and universities in identifying and assessing innovation competences.