INNOPEDA® Orientation day

The aim of this training is to offer the participants an understanding of various aspects of Innopeda® and to see the benefits of utilising Innopeda® as a pedagogical strategy.

Target group: teachers and managers in education, education planners, RDI personnel, or anyone interested in implementing Innopeda® in their organisation

The training day introduces one or more of the following topics:

• The need for change in education
• What is Innopeda®
• Aims, process and methods of innovation pedagogy
• Next steps for implementing Innopeda® as a strategy

A whole day orientation includes an introduction to the above topics as well as a team-based workshop.

Price: Contact us for more details

Extent: 6 hours

Venue: At TUAS or client’s premises

Trainers: The trainers (two) are innovation pedagogy experts at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Certification: Innopeda® Orientation

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