INNOPEDA® for Online Teaching

Online learning enables the development of innovation competences in online environments, thus supporting skills needed in national and international digital work.

  • Methods of innovation pedagogy in online learning give students the opportunity to be active, create and interact with other learners in online environments. For teachers, online learning is an opportunity to adopt a new role and approach in implementing innovation pedagogy in blended or online implementations.
  • Curriculum based on innovation pedagogy creates flexible study opportunities through online learning. In addition, collaboration with other higher education institutions to create joint online studies gives students access to a wider array of subjects.
  • Networks can be created in multidisciplinary, international online context. Online studies are a platform for students to expand their expertise and find possibilities for innovation.

Teaching online requires new skills and methods. Turku University of Applied Sciences offers professional training for online teachers given by a team of specialists. Learn how to utilise the possibilities of active online learning and teaching in your own subject area. You will gain skills in online teaching methods, online learning materials, assessment and feedback, as well as creating your own online course. Participate on our course and get a student’s perspective, an experience that will give you a valuable insight into becoming a great online teacher!

The training follows principles of Innovation Pedagogy through learning-by-doing, collaboration and self-reflection. Theoretical knowledge is reflected in practical, authentic teaching situations and creation of online teaching materials. All modules include assignments, activities, feedback and discussion for creating and developing online teaching materials and methods for your own subject teaching. In addition, at the beginning of the training programme, you will select your own study unit that you want to develop during the programme.

Innopeda® for Online Teaching course is also offered to customers worldwide either as an online or blended course. The course offers:

  • Combined training and support for pedagogy and technology
  • Collaboration between teaching staff and technical staff
  • 5ECTS (=135h)
  • Innovation pedagogy approach
  • Creation of online courses ready for implementation
  • Enthusiastic online teachers!

Online Pedagogy Training – Skills for Teaching Online

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