Developed at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), the concept of innovation pedagogy (Innopeda®) contributes to the development of new generations of professionals, whose ways of producing, adopting and utilizing knowledge make innovative thinking and creating added value possible.

The pedagogical strategy of TUAS is based on innovation pedagogy, and it is applied in all study fields we offer.

We have also implemented training and development processes for several organizations, published numerous books, articles and conference presentations as well as led several national and international projects on innovation pedagogy.


Innovation pedagogy refers to an approach to learning and teaching that corresponds to the needs of working life while emphasizing RDI expertise. In the approach, learning and teaching methods are applied creatively and in a value-adding way so that the students take responsibility for their learning and actively strive to reach their learning goals.

After graduation, the students are innovative and oriented towards various kinds of development tasks, which means that they have acquired – in addition to the expertise on their own field – innovation competences required by all working life environments.

To educate the professionals of tomorrow, we need a new learning culture, which strengthens their ability to act in innovate way in current and future working environments.