Cornerstones of innovation pedagogy refer to all those methods and tools, which are necessary when implementing the innovation process in learning and aiming for the desired goals. These cornerstones all together contribute to the development of learners’ innovation competences.

The cornerstones of innovation pedagogy are

  • Working-life orientation
  • Flexible curricula
  • Multidisciplinarity
  • Renewing teacher and student roles
  • Activating learning and teaching methods
  • Integration between studies and applied RDI activities
  • Versatile and development-oriented assessment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Internationalization

Working life orientation, flexible curricula and multidisciplinary learning environments are essential requirements for innovation pedagogy to succeed. Renewing teacher’s roles support, encourage and guide students in order to advance learning.

Students need good study skills to take an active and responsible role in their own learning. The methods used in delivering the education must be activating and versatile.

Giving students opportunities to work in real-life assignment and research & development projects is essential when aiming to improve their innovation. The assessment is development-oriented, i.e. students are able to assess their own and peers’ competences and know how to develop them.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitude are encouraged, and internationalization is embedded into studies in versatile ways.