The rapidly changing world is in urgent need of innovation and producing innovations requires added competence.

The old traditional learning and teaching approaches not adequate for this purpose. To educate the professionals of tomorrow, we need a new learning culture, which strengthens their ability to act in innovate way in current and future working environments.

Do you want to know more about the innovation pedagogy, ask more about the Innopeda® training or are you in need for a seminar speaker?

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Taru Konst Principal Lecturer and Senior Advisor in Innovation Pedagogy, is responsible for research, development and training of innovation pedagogy.

tel. +358 44 907 4588

Minna Scheinin
Lic.Phil., MA(ODE), Head of Future Learning Design

tel. +358 50 598 5375

Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen
PhD, Executive Principal Lecturer

tel. +358 50 385 4118

Meiju Keinänen works as a lecturer and researcher at Turku University of Applied Sciences, expertise in innovation competence assessment and learning

+358 40 355 0938

Tarja Åberg
B.sc., MBA, Project Manager, Lecturer

+358 40 355 0918